travel, lifestyle & marketing writer: TRAVEL Q&A’s

Friends from all over the globe shared their travel experiences (and photos) with me. Check it out!

couple with drinks - Rozanna and Jono

We are an Australian (Jono) and Swedish (Rozanna) couple, currently in a long-distance relationship whilst waiting for a visa application to be approved.

Woman with pineapple - Mira

Hiya, I’m Mira from London. Currently living and working in London but always planning my next adventure!

couple at viewpoint - Michael and Brooke

Hi we’re Brooke & Michael, soulmates, married for 2 years but been together for 8.

couple in front of glazier - sam and leash

We are Alicia and Sam, an Aussie and a Kiwi living together on the Gold Coast.

2 people jumping in the air - Eva and Brian

We are an American-Austrian couple that met in Chile. Our passion is to travel and live in different places.

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